Co Curricular

Co - Curricular

Our programme of study extends your child’s learning beyond the classroom and the school.

Your child can participate in a wide variety of activities designed by educational experts and teachers to broaden their knowledge and nurture transferable skills valuable in school and later life.

Our students are taught in well organised, purposeful and inviting classrooms. There are positive and affirming relationships between teachers and students as well as among the students themselves. Teachers have high expectations for their students’ learning and behavior.

All teachers at GTVM provide a variety of educational opportunities through well planned lessons which have a clear focus on learning.

Our teachers share the lesson objectives with students and provide informative feedback which includes the students’ next steps for progression. Students are grouped both within and across classes to meet their learning needs. School work is made dynamic and relevant through integration with different subject areas in addition to linking core skills, such as reading and writing.

 Abacus, Handwriting & Arts

At GT VIDHYA MANDIR, initial stages of learning are considered very important for the child and hence a structured course, including Abacus & Mental Arithmetic is introduced right from the beginning. It helps children learn the fundamentals easily and efficiently.

The school is introducing handwriting improvement course for standards I to VIII to help students develop good handwriting. Arts programme , a specific curriculum for Arts has been followed in standards I to VIII.

Life Skills Programme

Life Skills classes are conducted for standards I to XII by resource persons from Only Success Learning Technologies. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Whole Brain Methodology are employed to help students harness the interaction between the brain, the body and the language used, which in turn will provide the know-how to quickly build the components of effective strategies for all challenges.

 Fitness Programme

Well-trained and qualified physical education instructors conduct nutrition classes and they also take much effort in identifying talents in students and nurture them in different indoor and outdoor sports from the early stages. The school also encourages talented and dedicated students to take up the sport that they excel to the next level by participating in national and international tournaments.


Club Activities

Club Activities, a part of the curriculum, encourage students to bring out their inquisitive and creative best by delving into specific subjects. Students can opt for clubs depending on their specific area of interest. Clubs in place include English, Tamil, Hindi, Mathematics and Science.


Club Activity
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